It’s how they handle them that tells you a lot about the kind of
company that they are. If they are honest and up front about the
problem, that is a good 먹튀검증. If they hide the problem with a
lot of double talk or no talk at all, that is a bad thing. It
doesn’t make them a scam, but it does say a lot about how they
can be expected to do business.

What is the first thing they say about themselves? Do they talk
about the product or the service they offer? Or do they just
launch into how much money you can make? If the first thing you
read is all about the money to be made. Watch out. It might not
be a scam, but it tells you that is all they are about. To them
it doesn’t matter what the product or the service is, it’s all
about the pay plan.These companies, may not be scams, but they maybe illegal. There
has to be a real product or service being offered. If there is
no product, if it is just passing money from the ones below to
the ones above, it is illegal.

A program sets up a list of members for you to pay directly or
with the help of the program, and you then take the first name
off the list and add your name to the bottom. It doesn’t matter
if they tell you that you are ordering a report or something
like that from each of the members, it is an illegal Chain
Letter. It will not last and most people will not make money.
Most people will loose money. The ones who will make out like
bandits, are the people who started it in the first place.

I don’t care what they tell you on the Website to make you
believe it is all legal. I don’t care what they say about
Gifting being a time honored way of sharing. To do it in a
program like this, is illegal. It will get shut down, and most
people will again loose money. Only the ones who start it will
get the big pay offs.I see both types of programs being offered all the time. Don’t
fall for them. If you want to have any kind of reputation DO NOT
promote these kind of things.

They can, but think about this. Think about the people who will
be asked to join later. Think about the money they will be asked
to pay. Think about the money they are going to loose because
all the greedy fools who are going to join have joined and they
can’t find anyone to cover their costs. Think about all the
people who will be out if the thing gets shut down by the Law.Most of these things never get big enough for the Legal
Authorities to get involved. They just die of their own wait.
Are you the type of person who can sit back and tell yourself,
“It’s all right, I got mine.”

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