The Smart Guide To Book Marketing and Promotion

Really do book especially Self ucem retiro online sells without putting some marketing and promotion effort. But how can Self Published Authors market and promote their books smartly.

Here are some tips below:

1. Create Buzz For Your work Before Publication: This is a very smart thing to do even before you get you book published. There are lots of way to go about letting people know about your work before it hit the book store. These include using Social Media Networks like the regular 140 Character Text Message Like Twitter, The Mark Zukerburg’s Facebook and many more like that to spread words about your book. You can also offer free sample chapter to people in exchange for what they think of you book, this also helps your book writing effort as you get first hand feedback on what people might think of your book before it get published.

Another way to create a buzz for your work is to start a blog where you talk about your works before they see the light of Publishing. With a blog, you can also gather a tribe of audience who are interested in your book; this will also help the sales of your works when it finally hit the book store.

2. Use Social Media Networks: I can’t stress the importance of social media networks like Twitter (my favorite),Facebook, Interest and Book Social Networks Like Goodreads and Shelfari. These sites are a very important and integral part of your Indie Author tools to let people know about you and also about your works. The usefulness of these Social Media Networks, I can overemphasized.

3. Giving Freely: Sometimes, for most new Self Publishing Authors who neither have an audience that could listen to them or have any prior experience about book marketing, giving freely can be the best route to go. Who doesn’t like free things so far it is useful? Giving free stuffs like sample chapters, audio recording of your book and even a whole book could help in spreading the message about your book. Another great tool for eBooks is enrolling your work in the Kindle Select Program to take advantage of the 5 Free Promo Days to give your book for free to several people. This surely will help in increasing your book rankings and also create the needed buzz about your work.

4. Virtual Book Tour And Guest Posting: To help spread the message about your books out to people beyond your usual reach, you can take advantage of other similar blog in your book genre to do a virtual book tour where you tell the blog audience and readers about your book and also do a guest post talking about your book or related topic.This works so well in that you leverage on the blog’s existing audience.

Mayor A Lan is a Motivational Writer, Self Publishing Authors of Motivational and Self Publishing Books. He blogs for Self Publishing Authors and Writers at where he giveaway a free book – Smart Self Publishing Blueprint [] and also shares free resources and information about book marketing, publishing, writing and blogging for Self Publishing Authors.

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