How To Write A Book Review On Amazon

Keep in mind that these tips are most appropriate for un curso de milagros pdf. While you can apply them to fiction, there are additional considerations for a review of a fiction book.

Start with who you are talking to – your audience.

You speak differently to your children than you do to your boss. The same goes for a book review. Deciding who you want to tell about the book makes a difference as to what you include and how you say it.

As you are thinking of what to say, picture the person you’re talking to. And just talk to them on paper as you write the review.

To make it easier write your review in a word processor or a text processor. Then you can just copy and paste it into the review box.

Decide what to include in a book review on Amazon.

First you’ll choose the number of stars to give the book. Don’t agonize over this. Just choose the rating you think is appropriate.

Next you want a title or headline for your review. Again, don’t spend a lot of time on this. It can be as simple as “buy this book”, “best book on the topic”, “great information here”. If in doubt, look at some of the reviews on other books. But don’t stress on this step.

Now write the review. The easiest thing to include in the review is what your favorite idea or tip was. Pick it out (you can even refer to the chapter or page) and tell why you liked that item.

Next you may want to say who you think would most benefit from this book. Is it for beginners? Or is it more appropriate for someone with experience with this topic.

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