Despite the belief that poker has long fallen out of style, it recently made a comeback and is again fashionable. Of course, the global pandemic had a lot to do with this occurrence, as US hoki222 shutting down in 2020 increased New Jersey’s online poker revenues by over 100% in specific months of that year, compared to 2019 figures.

That is a trend that also was present in other US states, which continued throughout 2021 and got replicated at land-based establishments in 2021. Moreover, the WSOP has also been making some massive moves lately. They hired actor Laurence Fishburne to star in a new series of advertisements for their brand and employed fellow silver screen star Vince Vaughn to act as the MC of the 53rd WSOP tournament in Las Vegas’ Bally casino.

Thus, this is a perfect time for anyone not familiar with poker to start exploring this resurging pastime. And, it is an excellent opportunity for those that have neglected it to get back into card gambling action. Poker is a game of skill, where expertise can lead to a steady stream of wins, as evident by thousands of people profiting from playing online and the same batch of players continuously making their way onto WSOP main events each year. Naturally, the first thing needed to get started with this hobby/money-making opportunity is learning the ranking of poker hands. The quickest way to acquire this knowledge is to watch a winning poker hands video. It will help you better understand the best five-card combinations available. However, you can also read the guide outlining them below.

Simply put, poker hand rankings start from a simple high card and go up to a straight flush, the most challenging card combo to get. When the cards you get in your hand do not match any predefined combination and are all in different values and suits, the highest-ranking single card represents the highest card in your hand. That is the one you put up against what others hold at your table.

A pair is when you have two cards of the same rank, and a two pair is when four out of your five cards form two couples. For instance, 4-4-3-3-A would be two pairs. These represent low-value hands and are nothing to get overly excited by when they land in front of you.

Three-of-a-kind is a pretty self-explanatory hand. It is where the medium value combinations start. It beats all the previous ones listed, a pattern that we have been following, and will follow throughout this subheading as we rattle off the rest of the winning hands in poker. A straight flush is when you have five cards in a sequence, and a flush is when you hold five cards of the same suit. A full house is three-of-a-kind plus a pair, which is weaker than you just having four cards of the same rank (four-of-a-kind).

A straight flush is a suited set in succession, and a royal one is an ace-high straight flush formed by a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit.

In most poker games, suits carry the same weight, meaning an ace-high flush of clubs has the same one as an ace-high flush of hearts. Yet, in some variations/games, usually, spade hands are the highest, and clubs the lowest. In cases of ties, a general rule of thumb is that the next highest card comes into play to determine the winning hand in poker.

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