How to Write a Book and Get Published Guide

Do you want to write a a course in miracles books? If you start writing and get around 80,000 words then you can already publish a book.

That is how writing a book and getting it published works or is it? If you think that it is easy than your chances to sell the book are very slim. In order to sell the book, you need to know the type of book that you want to write just before you start writing it and also if there is an audience for the topic you write. You need to convince the publisher that the book that you write will have a large audience to read it.

What type of book are you planning to write?

By reading a book and getting ideas from it, new writers will get inspired and write a book based on it.

They don’t think who would want to read it.

The type of books can be divided by 2 categories namely truth or lies or better known as non fiction and fiction (novel).Thousands of books are published each year for both fiction and non fiction. You must choose to write fiction or non fiction based books.

For example after you read a Harry Potter novel, you got an idea to write your own children’s novel. You pour out your ideas and write everything on your pc and the pages piles up.

You feel that you write a good story and you ask yourself where would in the bookstore that they will put my book?

If you don’t have any idea then go to a bookstore and imagine where would they put your book, is it in the children’s section, romance or mystery section.

If you like to read and inspired by Harry Potter and you write a children’s book, just imagine your book is on the same shelves as Harry Potter novels.

This is not a fantasy. You need to know what you are planning to write. The publisher or agent will want to know what your book is all about in the first place.

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