Gorgeous Illinois and Chicago Churches

House of Prayer Ministries is a medium sized non denominational Apostolic Church located in Chicago, Illinois. It is a blend of contemporary and traditional worship. When you visit this place you can even participate in the functions of the House of Prayer Ministries.

Christ Alive Community the mystical christ is a small sized independent Church located in Peoria area in Edwards, Illinois. Lincoln way Christian Church is a large sized church located in New Lenox, Illinois. The only motive of this Church is to connect people to Jesus and to one another. Both these Churches are a blend of contemporary and traditional worship.

Apostolic Catholic Church located in Chicago, Illinois is a small Church. It is affiliated with the Reformed Catholic Church. Bethany Baptist Church is medium sized located in the Chicago area in Illinois. It is affiliated with the Baptist General Conference. During Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving Seasons, special worship services are held throughout the Church.

Christ for all Nations Church is a full – Gospel medium sized, located in the Chicago area in Northfield. Christian Worship Center is located in Downers Grove, Chicago. It is an independent medium sized Church.

Located in West Chicago is the dynamic multi racial Crossroads Restoration Church. The people here are warm and welcoming and are tired of all the religions. Thus, they make this church a very different and unusual one. This is a must visit place as the worship here is very powerful and lively.

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