Looking into the features of Comprar avaliações Google, I realized that it has become a very important aspect of its extensively used search engine service. I was really impressed with its feature of just clicking one button to review the recommended sites and on the top of it you can also share these pages further instantly.

With Google’s previous failed attempts, Google+ has finally come up to my expectations and it has millions of users already. It has a lot of other capabilities like Facebook posting, people can follow you, a twitter’s feature, and you can also do video conferencing like that in Skype and share your photos like flicker. Google+ came up with an interesting concept of circles which gives me freedom to create as many groups or circles as I want and fit people in circles they suit the best.

This is one of the great features as it allows me to post separately into a specific group and I can privately access my family circle, friends circle and work circle. When I first used it, it came across just like any other social networking site and at that very moment I thought here it goes.. another failure! But now when I see it, I think it has a lot of potential which can do wonders if used together with Twitter and Facebook.

On the other hand, I really like the design of Google+ its user friendly and the way to group my friends which I sometimes find fun thing to do. Privacy setting in Google+ is very easy to manage which is a very positive characteristic as compared to Facebook, I find them a little complicated to use. There are some other great features too like group video chat function and hangouts feature is the best I’ve seen till date.

The awesome feature of hangouts allows me to do video chatting with friends on one screen and the best part is up to ten people can use this at the same time; it’s just a single click on the welcome button and I can easily choose my contacts or circles to add in the chat. Apart from hangout, privacy settings of Google+ are far better than Facebook and Twitter. It’s something that I have been looking for long and it’s really important for me because it allows me to share content with people I want and no one can add me in their circle without my permission. Another beneficial feature is there which stop people in your list to share your content with someone else. Each privacy feature draws a clear line between public and your own privacy.

Overall Google+ is a solid product with its own unique features, but I guess it will take time for people to switch from Facebook and Twitter. Google definitely needs to come up with more exciting services which will make people switch and make it their main source of socializing online. Google+ is definitely well designed and user friendly and I expect a lot of pretty incredible stuff in near future.

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