What Are The Best Books To Sell Online

a course in miracles selling business is a computer with internet access, a few books of your own or consignment books from others. There are a number of venues where you can sell your books without paying a fee until your books are sold. At that time you will pay a small commission.

If you become interested in this business you will first want to determine which books are the best to buy and sell. The last thing you want is to began buying books that do not sell. You will usually end up donating these unsold books to thrift stores and other institutions. While this is a generous act on your part and may give you a minor tax break donating books does not pay the bills.

Start by becoming familiar with AddAll which is on online site that lists current asking prices and numbers of titles available. This is a good place to gather information prior to searching for books and an excellent resource to help you price your books. As you build knowledge of what sells best resist the temptation to buy current best seller fiction. Unless for some reason there is a shortage of this type they are only worth a couple of dollars. Out of print books can be a good choice. Out of print and some still printed books known as “how to books” that describe unique or specialized subjects are usually always a good choice and many can be purchased at garage and estate sales for under a dollar.

Other categories would include fishing, auto racing, older civil war books, older sword and weapon books. Books on specialized trades such as blacksmiting, old word working tools, some sewing titles. Many college textbooks can be good sellers. You will need to do some research here though because colleges change the course books frequently. Auto, and motorcycle repair books will usually sell very quickly. Auto collectors books are a rich field.

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