Stationery Suppliers Poised To Take The Next Level!

“We don’t need no education” Pink floyd’s infamous song did acquire the cult status, though the fact of life remains that education is one of the most important aspect of one’s life. The ever increasing focus and spotlight on the thriving education sector has led to a flourishing لوازم تحریر industry.The stationery industry in India creates more than a million jobs and generates considerable revenue for our economy. It wouldn’t be wrong for an outsider to think that the Indian stationery market is dominated by the top four players viz. Camlin, Navneet Publications, Staples and ITC, the inside story is somewhat different. These top players conquers a certain niche within the whole segment and the stationery market largely remains fragmented with myriad of small and regional players.

A research report says that – ” Small and Medium Enterprises play a vital role for the growth of Indian economy by contributing 45% of the industrial output, 40% of exports, creating one million jobs every year and producing more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and the international market.” Stationery suppliers say that the small players can’t take their position for granted as the biggies have some aces up their sleeves for the times to come.

One might be interested to know who among them is the leader of the pack. News reports say that – The youngest member has taken the fastest leap i.e. ITC which has a turnover of Rs 400 crores, is clocking a growth of 20% in a short span of six years. Indian stationery industry is getting ready for the next level and the war cry is just getting louder with the arrival of Chinese dragon and other international brands like staples etc.

Stationery suppliers say that, after nearly 20 years China has become the world’s largest stationery manufacturing centre with more than 6,000 stationery manufacturers with a production capacity of producing 40% of the global stationery requirement. On the other hand, staples has successfully positioned itself as the largest organised office products player in the Indian market, reaching Rs 200 crores in sales in their third year of operation.

The Indian stationery suppliers needs to be up on their toes as globally the competition is very tough. In terms of design, variety and quality new products are getting launched almost everyday to grab as much market share as possible!

Market players estimate the growth rate of the Indian stationery industry to be around 15% annually, fuelled by the interest and investment in the education sector, both from public and the private sector.

So what would work in the times to come for the Indian stationery suppliers? Experts say: smart branding, building new product strategies, ability to keep the low operational cost and the use of latest technologies for production as well as marketing. Without an iota of doubt, internet would surely remain an important partner in their growth.

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