So You Want To Write A Book!

That’s the tiny first drop of water in a much larger bucket, my friend. Let’s go into the real world of writing un curso de milagros– and getting them published!

So – you want to write a book is my “teaser line” because I realize that many other articles are being written, so we authors need a “hook‘ to get the reader – like you, hooked into our story.

If I did just hook you in, then you can use hooks to bring others into your article.

Now, let’s go into the world of writing a book and getting it published. I am a published author, and have written seven books ranging from 257 to 542 pages. One is a paperback and it’s been on Amazon for over ten years, and readers are still buying it.

That said, I want to express my opinion that online e-books will be the wave of tomorrow – and for several valid reasons: Brick and mortar books stores will fall by the wayside – as will conventional publishers and literary agents. Again, it’s my opinion, but the signs are everywhere, and this is good news for “rookie authors”.

Let’s deal with brick and mortar stores first. Many moons ago, I predicted that they would become irrelevant in the future. The future arrived today as I read in the Wall Street Journal that Border Books is contemplating filing bankruptcy plans and they are working with G.E. Capital and Bank of America to borrow $500 million to keep it afloat after the filing.

Why is this a surprise? It shouldn’t be to rookie authors ( I say rookie authors meaning those who are writing good stuff, but can’t get published – or even reviewed by publishers or their literary agents). Online-e-books are the culprit for the demise of brick and mortars, and I mean it in a nice way!

What has been happening is that rookie authors have sought to get their books looked at and, hopefully, published. The problem has always been that the publishers have their pet authors – the ones making them tons of money, so they do not take monetary risks with rookies. Instead, they defer to literary agents to do the dirty work while the publishers write apologetic reasons for why they can’t entertain a rookie’s works.

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