Reasons to Buy Coin Charms Wholesale

People have been wearing coin jewelry for ages. Gold and silver 狗狗幣未來 have significant monetary value so that by wearing them you can show off your social standing.  Coin charms and pendants are still popularly used at the present time.  Some travelers collect the coins of counties where they travel, put them in a jar, and then when they have collected enough, make them into charms and pendants.  Those who do not travel may opt to buy coin charms wholesale.

Buying coin charms wholesale will allow you to create bracelets and necklaces. Some coins need to be altered, such as drilling holes on them or stamping dates and names on them. Do not worry about altering of coins.  It is not illegal to stamp or drill holes on them, but you should not attempt to use them again when you buy something once they have already been altered.  When the coin has a great currency value, and you drilled a hole on it, it will lose its monetary value. Having it wire-wrapped would be a better option.

Stamping words and numbers on coin charms wholesale is an easy task.  You only need some things such as metals number stamp, metals letter stamp, steel bench block, and brass faces dead blow hammer.  You may use a regular drill to make a hole on the coin, but use a drill bit that suits drilling through metals. To hold the coin onto the hard surface, you can use a tape.  The tape will also provide you a guide when you do the stamping.

There are coin charms wholesale available online; some are genuinely old, used and worn.  There are also some coin reproductions. Choose from alloy coin pendant, antique bronze color, Ching Dynasty coins, Nigerian pennies,  Tibetan style portrait of human head coin pendant and brass coin charms and pendants.  You may want to pick coin charms wholesale that come with loops so you can hang them easily to necklaces and bracelets.

You can do many things with coin charms wholesale. These are perfect to make accents and focal points, fun, not so serious jewelry, mixed media art, and other punk designs.  You can make earrings out of these coin charms; you only need to add earring wire. You can hang them on necklaces, and sew them onto costume fabrics or include them in mosaics, collages, and more. Coin charms and pendants are available at online stores like

I usually buy my coin charms wholesale from Pandahall.  Some coins are offered for sale individually, or 2 piece package, and at bigger quantities. The best benefit that you could get from buying your supplies wholesale and online is the significant cost savings over buying them on a retail basis from local hobby shops. You can add to this benefit the time that you can save.  There shall be no issue of spending so much time hopping from one store to the other looking for coin charms.  And then comes the convenience. Nothing can make you feel better than placing your order from the comfort of your home or office, and just wait for your coin charms to reach your door.  

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