How to Fake a Male Orgasm – Tips For Men

OK, we have heard enough stories about women faking orgasms and how you can tell immediately if she is faking it all. It is time for the guys to fastest fake id service our orgasms now! In a 2008 survey done by a leading online men issues portal, 23% of the men surveyed admitted that they have actually faked an orgasm. This is a pretty sizeable figure, taking into account that most men do not really need to do so.

The main reason why women fake an orgasm is because she is afraid of hurting his self-esteem. She does not want to leave the impression that the man cannot perform in bed, and that faking it all would be the best way to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. Same goes for the guys. In fact, it is better for men
to pretend to have an orgasm because women are really emotional creatures and it can be really hurting to know that she was unable to satisfy her man.

The main reasons for faking an orgasm include not being in the mood for sex, too tired after a day’s work, or simply an earlier ejaculation through masturbation which actually dampened the mood for sex, etc.

It is important to know how to fake an orgasm because you do not know when are you going to need this skill.

1. You need a condom. It is necessary to have one during sex because you are going to pretend to ‘ejaculate’ into it. If you do not have one, it might not be easy to pull this off.

2. Avoiding the face-to-face positions. It is obvious from your facial expression that you are faking it, especially if you are doing it with a long-term partner. She can tell immediately, and this might be more damaging than if you had not faked the orgasm. So to avoid this, take up the doggy position, or any other
similar positions.

3. Destroying the evidence immediately. Remove the condom quickly, wrap it with a tissue and throw it away. This should be done at lightning speed before she has a chance to actually examine your condom. If she questions why you are trying to throw it away almost immediately, just brush it off as messy and you are trying to ‘clean-up’.

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