Grange Over Sands – A Town By The Sea

Grange over Sands generally is a town by the sea located in Cumbria, England with a broad tidal range. In 1894, the town was built an urban district and 제주감성민박 historically lies within Lancashire. The town has a total population of about 4,042.

The dirt free, sea air was thought to be beneficial to people suffering from tuberculosis and this led to the establishment of the first sanatorium at Meathop in 1891. The air was not only believed to have therapeutic effects but it also had spring water.

The climate of Grange over Sands is very dry and mild when compared to the other regions making the town a very attractive place for one to visit. The town offers many things to its visitors including an ornamental garden, lush golf courses among others.

Grange over Sands is a central point for tourists who explore Lakeland fells. In the town, there is a traffic-free promenade and attractive duck pond. Above the town you can find the Hampsfield Fell reaching 727 feet (222 m) and capped by ‘Hampsfell Hospice’, the powerful limestone tower monument offers the finest point of view of all the distant southern Lakeland fells foothills. A list of peaks and a huge compass pointer on the roof identify the lesser and the greater landmarks within the magnificent panorama. Painted boards on the inside praise the view, celebrate its construction and welcome the visitor.

There are also nearby villages that one can explore that are adjacent to the town. For instance Lindale, towards the north-east, Allithwaite towards the west, Cartmel towards the north-west, ancient Flookburgh fishing village, the Newtons and each one of them has its own history and character. Holker Hall was constructed on the land which at one time was owned by the priory can be seen nearby. Another area that you cannot forget to explore is the popular Lythe Valley.

Some minutes drive by train from the railway station, you may be in Arnside with beautiful walks to the attractive views back to the Lakeland Fells and Grange over Sands, you can view the high tides that flow in and clash with the river attempting to flow out.

Visitors can also enjoy short walks beginning from the town and through the nature reserve and woodland at Brown Robin and Yewbarrow Woods or further away to the Hospice which is the most wonderful point of view on the Hamps fell summit and offers views as wide and far as Blackpool Tower and Isle of Man, the Lakeland Fells and Yorkshire Dales. Just a short distance drive into Allithwaite, one will find a wonderful walk with stunning views crosswise the Bay in this Cumbria Wildlife region.

The little fishing village of Grange over Sands has been transformed by the Furness Railway arrival into a stylish Victorian/Edwardian resort, with rich merchants constructing grand houses which currently accommodate high quality guesthouses and hotels.

Grange over Sands generally is an attractive place to visit because it is not only famous for its excellent climate but the town is also surrounded by great scenery as well as places of interest.

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