Five Reasons to Independently Publish Your Next Book

acim, the only publishing option available to would-be authors, was the traditional method of publishing, where you submitted your manuscript to one of the big publishers and hoped for the best. Modern technology has changed that paradigm. Now, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can successfully publish a book, in a plethora of formats. And most surprisingly of all, especially for those who grew up linking publishing success with the big publishing houses, is the fact that bestsellers don’t have to originate in New York or London anymore.

Interesting facts about the ever-changing world of publishing:

o Independently published authors are selling millions of volumes each year – proving that creative thought can originate outside the walls of the BIG publishing houses.
o Books by independently published authors have earned their own recognition award: Independent Publisher Book Award.
o The success of electronically published books (ebooks), with millions in annual sales, have proven it is no longer necessary to print your book traditionally.

During the rise of independent publishers, the traditional publishing houses did everything they could to convince the world that their select few authors were the only people capable of telling (writing) a good story, or creating quality books. How arrogant! Certainly, we honor them for giving us some great reads through the centuries, but thanks to independent publishers, we are beginning to realize how limited the offerings were with the BIG houses.

Independent publishers have brought a breath of fresh air to the publishing world. Thanks to independent and niche publishers, the book world, which had been declining for years, is now rising like a phoenix from the ashes. A brief examination of sales data from the independent publishers, reveals what the problem was: the BIG houses were suffocating readers with their restrictive book categories and cookie-cutter ideas. (Visit my website to read my blog: How to Write a Bestseller – An Unexpected Plan That Might Surprise You)

Independent publishing has helped explode the book market. Books that were formerly rejected by the BIG houses, for the simple reason that their topic didn’t fit neatly into the existing categories, or traditional molds are selling millions of copies annually. And guess who wins? Every reader who loves great books, and every author who has a great story to tell, that’s who! Isn’t it good to breath again?

The top five reasons you should independently publish your own book:

1. Creating quality books independently has never been easier. Thanks to technological advances in computers, and the expansion of the internet, almost anyone can publish professional-quality books on their own. You no longer need to pay someone huge money to help you publish your book. Do some research, and you’ll find many ways to publish your book inexpensively. First-time publishers need to check out It’s a great place to start. They provide easy-to-use templates, and offer simple instructions to guide you through the process. Once you learn how the process works, you can find less-expensive options available, but the learning curve increases with most of them. That’s why I recommend starting with Lulu, especially if you are printing only a few books to start.

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