Being Hurt By the Church But Still Loving Jesus

mystical teachings must inspire us toward heaven. Church music must be exciting. When you go to a secular concert you never have to ask the people to stand. They do in excitement! This is the way it should be in church.

You should never have to ask people to raise their hands, or stand, or sing. They should do so because the church has provided an environment conducive to this kind of extravagant worship.

In heaven there is no worship leader who has to ask the people to stand and worship. In heaven no one sings “I stand in awe of You” while they are sitting! Yet you see this type of thing happening in many church services.

And so, we must infuse our churches with excitement. We must make it a place that people are excited to go because of the excellent music, excellent message, and the excellent Spirit it conveys.

Back in the day, the church used to be the leader in music. The best music of the world was found in our churches. The best instruments of the world was found in our churches. The best musicians and singers in the world was found in our churches.

But too many churches have gotten stuck in the deep rut of traditionalism. Their growth is stunted, and their sanctuaries are become empty. And thus the world moves past us. Membership continues to fall. And people lose their first love.

If you are a pastor, you have a great responsibility to meet this challenge. If you are a church leader, you have a great responsibility to be the best in all aspects, without hypocrisy, in both word and deed, message and music.

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